Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Some Concerts Next Year

I have been working on some new pieces by Liszt and Ravel which are quite demanding and next year I have some concerts coming up so I hope I will be able to perform them.

These are the dates for the concerts:
March. (date tbc) St. Johns College, Cambridge.
4th April. 1pm. Lunchtime concert at St. Olafs Church, Islington.
4th July.  Lunchtime recital at Emanuel Church, Cambridge.
13th July. 7.30pm. Evening concert at the Hayward Theatre, Ely. 

I hope that people will come.

A Little Bit Of Beethoven

This is me playing the 3rd Movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. My face looks pretty weird when I play... On Saturday I met a guy called Paul who is a Buddhist. He said maybe I was re-incarnated from a composer or a pianist who had died... and its Halloween tonight!!!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Street Pianos in Cambridge

Today there are 15 pianos on the streets of Cambridge. I went and tried some of them out.

The first one I played was in Grand Arcade. The piano was a lovely old one, with some nice carvings on it. But the stool was too low for me (I am not so tall yet) so it was quite difficult to play. But there were lots of people watching so it was good fun.

The next piano I tried was outside in Kings Parade. It was soooo cold that my fingers didn't work very well, so I couldn't play for long.

Then I tried the one near Millers music shop. That was a good piano, and the sound was good too because it echoed from all of the buildings nearby.