Sunday, 4 November 2012

Piano Lessons & A Party

This morning I was practicing some new pieces. I am trying to play Piano Sonata No. 21 by Beethoven which is also known as the Waldstein. So far I am working on the first part, the Allegro con brio, which is quite a difficult piece because the sforzando parts are very stretchy for my hands so it is easy to smudge them. Yesterday I had a lesson with my teacher, William Fong. He helped me with Waldstein and also a piece by Ravel called Alborada del Gracioso that I am learning. It is really nice when I can learn a new piece but frustrating sometimes when I can't do it right!!

This is Beethoven looking a bit scary, but still cool...

And this is a movie of Claudio Arrau performing The Waldstein in Bonn in 1977. I like this version a lot.

This afternoon my family went to our friends house in Coton which is a village just outside Cambridge. It was my friend Ekaterinas 12th birthday and we ate roast duck and a chocolate birthday cake. Then we played pingpong, my friend has a new table which folds up which is better than playing on the dining room table! Unfortunately I didn't win...

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