Wednesday, 7 November 2012

LangLang Documentary

There is a documentary about LangLang on BBC One on Monday 12th November at 10.35pm. He is one of my favourite pianists. I know a lot of people say he is too theatrical and not pure about the way he plays, but I like his style. I think that people probably said things like that about Liszt when he was alive too.

The documentary is about his life from when he was young and how he became well known. I think it will be very interesting to watch. Here is a link to the LangLang website so you can find out more about him.

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  1. hi George! thank you for posting about this documentary, I love Lang Lang's playing too, and I will be very interested to watch it. I enjoy reading your blog, my 3 sons are grown up now but they love robots too, I like those piano playing ones you posted. I teach piano, but I don't have any pupils as good as you, I hope you will always keep playing, and more importantly, enjoy what you play. All the best, Lisa.