Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Heart 103

On Saturday I went to the Grand Arcade in Cambridge to audition for a Christmas event. If they like the way I play I might get to perform before the Christmas lights are turned on, that will be on Sunday 18th November. That will be great fun. I played La Campanella and also a Christmassy piece called The Snowman. It was fun to play in front of the judges, kind of like the X-Factor.

Today a lady from Heart FM called my mum and said that they thought my playing was good enough and they would like me to perform on Sunday. Cool...

Here are some photos of me auditioning...

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  1. George, I just found your post on YouTube from the recording made at Sussex St, Cambridge. Not only am I thrilled and amazed at your virtuosity, but your feel for the music. I am now subscribed to your YouTube channel, so keep the music coming. Thanks for posting the videos of Lang Lang too, beautiful. I used to play years ago, and you play some of my favorite works. I would love to hear what you do with Lois Moreau Gottschalk! All the best to you!