Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Favourite Noodles

Today I ate noodles for breakfast. My favourite instant noodles in UK are Mr Noodles, Traditional Kimchi flavour. You can also get Chicken flavour, but I like Traditional best, in a red bowl. Other noodles I like are Nissin (just about any, but I can't buy them near where I live), and Wagamama Yaki Udon (number 42). They taste best with chilli on top.

In Jakarta I like the noodles that are sold on the street, they are sooooo tasty. Noodles are sold by street vendors who have small kitchens that they can move around on wheels. They bring a table and there is often a kind of tent roof over the top to keep the sun off. These stalls are called 'Kaki Lima', Im not really sure what it means, but it translates to something like 'five feet'. ? There is a special Kaki Lima that my mum and I like to go to and they have ice cold Coke which goes really well with the noodles!

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